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Wedding Shoes Internet Game - Play Free Fun Shoe Games Online

You have been hired to make wedding shoes to fit a great friend of yours. You are a designer and have been making these shoes since you were a little girl. In the beginning you made them for your dolls, but now you make them for real people. This is a fun online game where you can be a fashionable wedding shoe designer. You start off with a blank pair of shoes and you have to select the color that you would like them to be; there is a palette that you can use for this purpose, by simply clicking on a color and then clicking on a region to paint. When you play this fun online game you also get to decide the main design of the shoe; will it be a sandal, a boot, or a closed shoe; will it have frills, or will it be an open-toe shoe; the choice is yours. The next thing that you have to decide is the type of sole that the shoe will have; browse through the large selection before settling done on one which you like. This will be followed by the selection of the texture of the shoe; you can leave it with the plain white color, or you can give it the texture of a cheetah. There are several textures that you can choose from. The next stage is one where you get to select the accessories to use. The first are the tassels and bows that you can place on the shoes. After that, you can place jewelry on the shoe by simply dragging those which you like and then selecting their size and rotation. After getting the jewelry, you can add cabochons to the shoes, and also alter their size and orientation. When you are satisfied with the shoes, you can print them and show to your friends; you never know, you may have come up with a design that may appeal to a prospective bride and you will have made your first customer. Have Fun!

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Weddings symbolize the beginning of a new family

Weddings are events that symbolize the beginning of a new family. These are serious occasions and they need the same seriousness in the preparations. You will find many people spending a small fortune to have the wedding done by a planner and it all comes out as being a wonderful occasion. At other times people are meticulous enough to plan their own weddings. The bride is the most important person on this day. She has to be made to feel special, and she must have the most beautiful outfit. The wedding dress is carefully chosen by the bride and the maids. Each and every detail of the whole ensemble has to flow and be perfect. This includes the shoes that the bride will wear. You have to know how to design shoes for such somber occasions. You can make quite a career in making these shoes if you really are up to the task. You can start your education right here, and since weddings a favorite for girls, what a great chance for young ladies to start believing in the design of these shoes. The shoes are costly and this is a great source of income for the designers; specialize in custom designs and you have your niche made.

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