Rainbow Shoes

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Rainbow Shoes Internet Game - Play Fun Shoe Games Online

In the Rainbow Shoes game you take on the role as a high-profile fashion designer and you have been asked to make a wonderful show for a celebrity. She wants the shoe to surpass the famed Cinderella slippers in the fairy tale; the slippers actually made a prince fall in love with the girl, so you have to up your ante and design a stunning shoe. Luckily, you have been given all the tools that you need to make this happen. On the left of the Rainbow Shoes game is a window in which you get to see various show styles; by clicking on them, you see how they will look on your celebrity's legs. You then check on the soles that you can use for the shoes. In this fun online game there are several funky soles which you apply by clicking on them. Once you are happy with the selection, you can then go to the painting of the shoes; you start with plain white shoes and you have to paint them. You do so by selecting a color and then clicking on a region in order to get it filled. After that, you can select the texture of the shoe. In this fun online game there are several interesting textures that you can apply. In addition, you also get to decide the type of socks or stockings that the celebrity will wear. In this fun online game there are several selections for you to choose from. Any show will go well with some embellishments and you get this from the window that has an icon of a bowtie. You simply grab one of the accessories and drag it to the position that you want it to be; you then select whether you want it enlarged or made smaller. Once you have finished the whole ensemble, you can click on the SHOW button and see the final result. When you play Rainbow Shoes you will surely be pleased with your efforts and you can do it allover again but with some changes. Have Fun!

How to play Rainbow Shoes game online

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The World of Shoe Fashion is an Intriguing one

Initially, fashion designers were mainly concerned about the clothes and not much attention was given to the shoes. However, as the industry evolved, people started paying more attention to the role of shoes when it came to making the whole ensemble look good. Certain shoes would only do well with certain clothes. It is for this reason that designers started taking shoe design very seriously. Most fashion houses have a shoe designer in the house, so they can match shoes and clothes. However, there are people who specialize in designing shoes, and the customers have to match the shoes to the clothes on their own. This is kind of backwards but it is equally effective. If you ever want to be a shoe designer, either on your own, or by joining a fashion house, then this is a great place to begin sharpening your skills. You want to grow up with a great sense of fashion when it comes to shoes; this will ensure that you become on of the most sought after designers of your time. You can even design them and sell to companies online and make some money as royalties when the shoes are sold.

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