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If this online game called Superdudes Extreme Pinball were to be the model for supposedly controlled road traffic, hospitals would be likely to close down due to overcrowding because of a higher volume of traffic accidents! After the ball has found its way into this crazy road landscape by way of the downward-pointing arrow key, it is up to you to create even more chaos in this fictional landscape in a VGA comic-book style. The goal is to knock over traffic cones or put a fat burnout down on the street, so that more and more points will be added to your score that is visible on the right. Several options for a skillful tilt are also available to you. You can either choose to utilize a big tilt or a tilt that takes place on the right or left side. In the help menu, Superdudes Extreme Pinball will point out to you that you should carefully use the tilt option to your advantage. A freight train, different bumpers and a skateboarder that jumps high into the air should be your main targets in Superdudes Extreme Pinball, while you are looking to find your way through the congested traffic. This browser-based pinball game provides you with a total of five pinball balls. Make sure, however, that you do not leave your gasoline on the road right from the start, but are going through the streets of pinball in a fuel-saving mode. Show how talented you are as a driving student and do not give the examiner any reason to move you through traffic as a real driving professional. Have Fun!

How to play Superdudes Extreme Pinball game online

Use Z key for left flipper, / for right flipper, spacebar to tilt up, x key to tilt left, . key to tilt right. The down arrow is used for the plunger. P key is used to pause the online game.

Pinball Machines in the 80s

It was a time of change. In the 80s, the first video games were released for consoles. Because of these newly arrived competitors, the manufacturers of pinball machines corresponded with new features, such as double-level playing fields. Pinball machines, which had the speakers built into the headboard, also became popular. The success of recent years, however, still could not be matched. The volatile industry now developed pinball devices, which had a display in addition to a classic game surface, which could play back animations when a particular gaming goal had been achieved. The sales problems still continued to grow. Many manufacturers had to announce the stop of the production of pinball machines.

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