Pepsi Max Pinball

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Pepsi Max Pinball Game - Play Free Fun Pinball Games Online

Bubbly fun is guaranteed at Pepsi Max Pinball! Whether it will feel refreshing to you depends entirely on your performance! Once you have shot the ball game onto the swirling trail with the help of the spacebar, things start being rather turbulent. In order not to lose the ball, it is necessary that you react in time with both flipper arms. Shoot the ball back towards those items that will give you points. In contrast to the advertised soft drink, the loss of a ball can taste really bitter, because you only have five balls available to you for each game in Pepsi Max Pinball. When you play this free online game you need to be absolutely responsive, and be careful where you shoot the ball, as it can come back a lot faster than you would want for it to come back. You get especially many bonus points when you manage to maneuver the ball to the Max Power Zone. A vortex attracts the ball and will cause a surprised face on your part as well as a high score. To see just how high your score is you have to have your eye on the top part of the pinball machine. You can publish your personal score online at any time and compare it with the score achieved by other competitors. Pepsi Max Pinball is graphically stunning. In this regard, the game fun is guaranteed to not be far behind. In this free online game all the major starting points are displayed clearly and with great attention to detail. Given the successful turbulences, this pinball machine becomes a real challenge. Have Fun!

How to play Pepsi Max Pinball game online

Use your left and right arrows to control the flippers. Spacebar to shoot the ball. P key to pause the game.

The origin of the Pepsi Company

Every great brand in this world has its very own story to tell. For Pepsi, the company's history begins in 1898 in North Carolina, where the pharmacist Caleb Bradham invented a new drink. At the beginning, he sold the drink under the name of Brad´s Drink. A few months later, the sugary drink was renamed Pepsi Cola. The name comes from the pepsin enzyme. After several entrepreneurs had bought the brand and went under financially only a short time later, the drink gained its big break in the 30s. The success is due to the recession period in the United States.

Play Pepsi Max Pinball game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Pepsi Max Pinball game online right now.

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