Law of the West Pinball

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For all fans of the Wild West, it is now time to take a seat as well as a deep breath. You should get ready for a pinball experience that is second to none. In Law Of The West Pinball, you become a cowboy of a different kind! Instead of wildly shooting your revolver all over the place in a rather poor manner, you place your butt in front of a pinball machine in Wild West style. A super graphics brings the saloon feeling a lot closer to you. The rules for Law Of The West Pinball are simple: Use the arrow keys to fire the ball onto the Western-style playing field, to keep the ball in play with the two flipper arms and to collect massive amounts of points on your LED display on top of the screen. On the same screen, you can also see your remaining number of balls. After the ball has landed on the playing field, it quickly races from one bumper to the next. You will rarely be able to enjoy a quiet moment to catch your breath or feel that you can keep the ball safely in play. Law Of The West Pinball is a perfect pinball challenge in the best Western environment for you. The machine gives off the impression of a cobbled together gaming box that can be difficult to use. In this free online game you should hence be careful that the machine does not dissolve into thin air due to an overly motivated player. The owner may hold a gun to your chest, challenge to a duel and leave you to the gravedigger. Have Fun!

How to play Law of the West Pinball game online

Control the flippers with left and right arrow keys, or Z and /. To fire the ball into the playfield pull down the plunger with the down arrow key before releasing it. Press spacebar to nudge and P to pause the fun game.

The Evolution of Flipper Techniques

A variety of different flipper techniques have evolved over the years that are generally considered as not confirming to the rules of this free online game. Therefore, a so-called tilt mechanism was incorporated into these machines. Once a player lifts a table that is equipped with a trapping or pass technology, the "tilt" of the slot machine will stop all functions of the slot machine, negative noise will sound and the player will lose his current ball in the game. The free game ends immediately. Because the tilt mechanism has been extremely sensitive to ambitious players for a long time, an additional safety mechanism was installed. Machines of the newer generation give off a warning signal to the player before a tilt occurs.

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Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free online Law of the West Pinball game right now.

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