Zombies Inc

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Zombies Inc Internet Game - Play Fun Management Games Online

At the beginning of Zombies Inc., you determine the level of difficulty by deciding on your starting capital of $ 20,000, 30,000, or 40,000. The goal of Zombies Inc. is to achieve the world domination of zombies. For this, you have to add more zombies to your initially small army. In the laboratory, you can buy and upgrade zombies to make them stronger. It is best to start this fun management game with a small and powerful army of 10 zombies. For this, you click on the zombies in the incubator and simply create the zombies you need. It is perhaps useful to make them somewhat stronger right away, so that your army is pretty powerful too. But first you just need a large army to attack. Then you can move on to the attack. Press attack in Zombie Manger and off you go. You see the map with the continents as well as the countries in front of you. When you have clicked on a country, you can see the individual cities as well as other details. You have the population figures in front of you as well as the defensive strength. Now when you click on the city you will get a detailed list how much of your army and the people. Then you can weigh the pros and cons of whether you can launch an attack or should better not do so. If you hire another commander, you can also send more zombies into the field. Then the victory can almost not be taken from you. But be on your guard. After all, the people are said to be very tricky. But that should not deter you. After all, your zombies have nothing to lose. If you are taking over a city, your zombie population automatically increases and you receive a bonus. Sometime it is not enough to attack with simple zombies in this fun online game. Then you can hire more scientists and let them build the dreaded Meatheads for your army, for example. These are stronger than normal zombies and will teach the people the meaning of fear. So you can gradually take over cities as well as continents. And with an increasing zombie population, you can collect more taxes to get back to creating new zombies - just wonderful this strategy. Have Fun!

How to play Zombies Inc game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

Are you afraid of the Dead?

People have always been afraid that the dead could return. For these reasons, the dead were burnt in some cultures. This also plays a role in the burning of witches. This was the only way you could be sure that the witch would not return. The term zombie comes from the African word "nz├╣mbe". The spirits of the dead were originally named by this term. This was then applied to the living dead, of which the people were afraid. They felt that roving lost souls were looking for a new home and used the dead for this purpose.

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