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Tycoon Jones is a management game of a very special kind. The aim in this fun web game is that you finally get your own life under control and become successful. Life has so much to offer and you are just lounging around. So go and start your career now. Since you have not learned all that much so far, you should first brush up on your education – so off you go to the education center and start studying. Then you have a better chance to even get a job at all. If you have studied for a couple of hours, maybe you have already completed primary school - bravo. But not overdo it in this fun online game and do not forget to eat something, as that would hurt your health, your wellbeing and thus your performance. It may happen that you linger in bed again and are lethargic all day and only stare at the ceiling. You do not want that, right? In addition, you will quickly run out of money in the Tycoon Jones game if you are not working. After all, you will pay at least 300 dollar a week for rent, and the food also costs about 30-50 dollars a day, even if it is just a hot dog. You should also sleep from time to time. This builds you up again, and after all you pay rent for the low budget apartment. After a week, you have to return to the real estate office to pay the rent. If you cannot pay the rent in this fun online management game you will be put on the street - as fast as that! And if you are sleeping in a cardboard box, you are not all that well rested and can only work or study 2 to 3 hours a day. So you better see to it that you keep your small apartment, even if it is quite shabby. The more experience you have on your job, the better and the jobs will thereby become more lucrative. Then you can finally afford something in Tycoon Jones - maybe a car, so you make it to work faster, or a flight. With the right job, everything is open to you. Until then, it is a hard road. And do not dawdle around any further now - start working on your career in the online Tycoon Jones game! Have Fun!

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Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

McKinsey & Company is a Management Consultant Tycoon

The largest management consultant is McKinsey & Company. Established in 1926 in Chicago, the company, which has its headquarters in New York now, makes a profit of $ 6 billion per year with its 17,000 employees. McKinsey & Company has a global presence and advises almost every major company. The staff are all graduates from the fields of business as well as science. A model used in the company is called Up or Out. This means that an employee must have climbed additional career steps within a certain time period, otherwise he has to leave the company. As such, anyone that is unsuccessful is fired. This is primarily for reasons of the motivation. And the staff remaining in the company are only the best of the best.

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