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At Super Manager, you are the manager of a local supermarket and have to try to increase the revenue of your business as best as you can in this role. You can directly observe your supermarket via multiple cameras and discover grievances in this way and thus see what to do. Using the arrow keys, you change the direction of the camera and the image. The + and - buttons can be used to zoom. Furthermore, you still have one hand available allowing you to control the camera via drag n drop - that is quite as you like it. The aim of Super Manager is of course to sell as many products as possible. In the manager panel, you control everything. Here you have the warehouse menu, in which you can see the available products as well as their price. Here you now have decide how many units of a product you want to buy and at what price you want to sell them again. In this fun management game refill all shelves button is important with which you can fill up the shelves. If you no longer want to sell a product you have to use the empty shelf button. Then you can sell something else on this shelf. But you have to consider the expiration date of products in Super Manager as well, for example. You should continue to keep an eye on the capacity of the shop as well as the shelves. It is best to go through the shelves in order, then restock them with products. Then you buy again from the wholesaler, and can surely sell more afterwards. You can rate individual products with up to five stars. In this fun management game products with stars are preferably bought by the visitors of your supermarket. What products you should review can be seen in the marketing area of your manager menu. Here you can start surveys, for example, or advertise on television. You should, however, be careful with your spending. You have limited resources, and if you slip into the red at the end of the week, the management game Super Manager will be over for you. You always see the next tax bill as well as when it is due on the screen. Then see to it that there is enough money in the till. So be successful. Have Fun!

How to play Super Manager game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

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