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Sim Lemonade Millionaire Game - Play Management Games Online

Sim Lemonade Millionaire is a cute game that is very interactive and makes you believe that you can be a millionaire selling lemonade at a stand. Sim Lemonade Millionaire is a great free online management game, in which you make crucial decisions based on the finances you have and the earnings that you intend to make. To begin with you have to keep an eye on your stock, but since at the start you do not have any, then simply move on to the screen where you can make an order. Once you click on the order stock button, you will be given 12 options to select from, each with 3 different amounts of lemons, sugar, glasses and ice cubes. Select your choice by clicking on the buy button that is beside it. Once you have received your order, it is time to go and select the recipe that you want to make. You can customize the recipe that you want to make, and then you can set the price that you want the lemonade to sell at. Once you have set the recipe, then you can click on the OK button to save the recipe. As you go ahead with the game, your popularity will change, so you must make sure that you balance the price with the recipe. You must then select a location where you place your advertising and keep the stall. Every location has different settings for rent and population so you have to choose very wisely. You will then select the type of advertising products that you want to use, such as T-shirts, caps and pens. After making all those changes, you are now ready to start your day. This is a great free online management game that makes you actually weigh the decisions that you are making, like you would in the real world. Have Fun!

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Running any business requires shrewd decision making

Running any business requires shrewd decision making from the owner of the game. If you want to start a juice parlor, you should decide upon several factors and some of these can be seen in the Sim Lemonade Millionaire game. You have to make decisions based on the foot traffic of the location where you want to set up shop. The location must also be reasonable when it comes to rent. Otherwise your operational costs will be too high to make a sustainable profit. You also need to look into the quality of the product that you are selling. If you make poor quality juices, you will not get customers, even if you are in a low-cost location with a lot of foot traffic. This fun online management game is an eye opener for those who want to run a small business and want to make a sustainable income. Sim Lemonade Millionaire is a game that makes you weigh your risks against every decision that you make, and this is a good thing. Now the children and young ones can also start making decisions if they want to run a lemonade stall during the summer holidays. The game in entertaining and also captivating, making you delve deep into your entrepreneurial spirit in order to make the right decisions.

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