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Sim Lemonade 30 days Game - Play Fun Management Games Online

In the online game Sim Lemonade 30 Days, you are the proud owner of a small lemonade stand on the edge of a busy and equally lively commercial street. It is hot - the people are thirsty and this is your chance to put your sales skills to the test. First, you have put together the recipe for your homemade lemonade. In this fun online game you choose how many lemons and how much sugar is in the soda. Then you can add ice cubes to the cup. Of course, you have to buy the ingredients first. Accordingly, you need lemons, sugar, ice cubes as well as glasses. Your supplier grants you a quantity discount and so the price depends on the quantity ordered. Now you can go ahead and determine the price of a cup. You can see the weather and temperature in the online game Sim Lemonade 30 Days. You should make your purchase, but also the price dependent on this. If it is hot, you can certainly ask for a little more, because then the people will definitely buy something. But then you also need a great stockpile for your lemonade. Then you get started already and you start your new business. In this fun game people also give you some feedback. Nice means that everything is in order. Bad Taste means that you should reconsider your recipe again. This you can and should do even during the day when the satisfaction of your customers is not so great. That one or the other customer will not like your lemonade is normal, but most should be happy with it. The customers are also more dissatisfied if the lemonade is too cold. When it is cold and cloudy, you should therefore use less ice. Even comments like bad service or too expensive should make you pause. After all, you want satisfied customers who will come back and diligently drink your lemonade. After all, you have only 30 days to become a successful manager in Sim Lemonade. But you also have to contend with problems. So it may be that your lemons spoil if you have too many in stock. Even the ice cubes you cannot store just any way you like. They melt away in the hot sun. You better stock up more often. With glasses and sugar you can, given enough money, also set up a larger stock. Now you have all the ingredients for a successful lemonade shop in Sim Lemonade 30 Days and it is entirely up to you to be really successful. Have Fun!

How to play Sim Lemonade 30 days game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

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