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Shopping cities are becoming a reality with so many already started all over the world. When you hear of destinations such as Dubai, where people simply go for the shopping experience, you realize that this is truly becoming a reality. This is a free online management game in which you own an island and you want to turn it into a shopping city. You get to build centers and malls, and many other facilities that will make you money from your customers. You start off at one end of the island and start building real state. The buildings can be upgraded, repaired or sold to other investors who want to come to the island for business. When you click on one of the assets that you can build, a grey one appears on all the sites where you can build it, and you only have to click on one in order to place the asset. You must note that shops should be different in nature since customers will not enter the same type of shops in the same area. In order to build the real estate, you must keep an eye on the cash that you have at the top of the free game. This will help you plan for your expansion. Similarly, you should get other features on the street that will keep the customers’ attention. This way, they keep on going into the shops that you have built more often thereby making you more money. You must fill the income meter at the top of the game within the time given, in days, at the bottom of the game. You will also note that the real estate gets more expensive as you build more structures; a real reflection of the world today whereby prices if real estate go up whenever development in the area starts. Have Fun!

How to play Shopping City game online

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Turn your tract of land into a Shopping District

If you owned a large tract of land, and you wanted to develop it and turn it into a shopping district, then this is a management game that you can enjoy as you take a break from your corporate meetings. If you do not have such land, you can still dream of owning it, and proceed to see how well you would perform if you were given the opportunity to build a shopping city. Shopping cities are pooping up all over the world. They consist of several acres of shops which cater for almost any product available on the market. Such cities tend to cater for items that suit middle to upper class customers. However, you can still find supermarkets that are selling items that are available to the lower class customers. In this free online management game, you are running such a city and you should use your imagination and prudent decision making to see how you can maximize the number of customers getting into your shops. If you are not pleased with a certain shop, then you can sell it. This will earn you money to build another better one on the same site. This is a fun game about planning where to place your business if you want to open a store. You have to consider several factors and this free online game helps you see them.

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Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play free management games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Shopping City game online right now.

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