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Shop Empire Internet Game - Play Fun Shopping Games Online

In the online game Shop Empire, it is all about becoming the largest retailer in the world. For this, you need to design more and more shopping outlets and malls and even build them as well. At the beginning, you are in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, in Paris, and are given a great square on which you can place several tall buildings. You build them up floor after floor. It is up to you if you start with a jeweler on the ground floor or with a shoe store. However, a drug store or a baby store would be cheaper stores. After all, you must also pay attention to your budget here and do not have all that much cash at the start of this fun online game. But as a business idea, a restaurant or a clothing store is such a bad idea by the way. People always need to eat after all - and they also need something to wear as well. Also remember that you still have to hire staff, which is also associated with some costs. Without security personnel, robbers will quickly enter your store. You need a cleaning staff that keeps everything clean and technicians take care of everything. You can upgrade these people so that they are more productive. If you are somewhat advanced, and have money again, you should also remember that your visitors need toilets. In the upper part, you can see how many visitors your store has as well as how many people work for you. So you are given the key figures at a glance. On the left side, you have the building menu. Here you can choose whether you want to build new floors, or what new business you want to put in your high-rise. If you then click on your business, you can see what visitor capacities your business has, as well as the number and cost of goods offered. You can also upgrade your business here directly, if you realize that you are very well utilized. Most important is the button in the top left, as it gives you important tips. Especially in the beginning, you can thus recognize the trends. Be sparing in the beginning. Otherwise, you have no money left to respond to the needs of your customers or to hire the much needed personnel. But with a little skill, you can you quickly build a real empire in the Shop Empire game. Have Fun!

How to play Shop Empire game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

An agglomeration of retail and service businesses managed as a unit

A so-called shopping center is a deliberately designed spatial concentration of various retail stores and service businesses of different industries and possibly other services such as fitness centers or cinemas. Similar to the U.S. definition of the shopping mall or the shopping center, a shopping center is known to us as "an agglomeration of retail and service businesses planned, built and managed as a unit." To be distinguished from the shopping center, are the "grown" agglomerations (occasionally retail parks) without a uniform design and irrespective of their own management of the shopping center.

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