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In Recordshop Tycoon, you are the boss of a major record store. First, you should let yourself become familiar with how to operate everything. It is really quite simple. First, you have to open your first store. On the overview map, you see pins that give you information about the characteristics as well as the conditions of the available stores. In this way, you get information about the crime rate and the purchasing habits of residents in the area. Then you should equip your store with new CDs. You should know the taste of your visitors. Marketing tools in the office help you with this, but the observation of your visitors can also be helpful. If they want to buy urban music, for example, but are unable to purchase it from you, you will recognize this in their mood. Then you might want to buy more in this area. The daily sales report, you can see also the customer requests for different styles of music. You can also see your karma here, which is to be improved. If customers have to wait for too long, they get frustrated, leave your business and do not buy anything. Then you could invest in better POS systems, for example. If you do not have enough CDs in stock, you need just better stalls. As they say, if you are not advertising, you are dying. As such, advertising helps you to further boost your business. Of course, more people will also pay a visit to your business, if they find a CD audition service, or you can attract them with a big neon sign. A DJ booth will have a positive effect on the mood of your customers as well. If you do a good job of selling CDs, you can open up a second store soon. You will know exactly what you have to pay attention to then and become ever more professional. This is also required for you to become the Record Shop Tycoon in your area. Have Fun!

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It is very difficult to run a Recordshop Business

The business of CD stores is difficult. Not only the pirated copies of the users themselves, or the online downloads from illegal file sharing networks, make it difficult for the retailers to sell CDs. The competition from the Internet itself is also enormous. It is expected for the year 2012 that more downloads will be sold than actual CDs. This phenomenon will continue to grow as more and more record stores are closing down. Many buyers simply do not care for the feel of a CD. A download is completed quickly, and you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for the right title at the store. The lion's share of the online music business goes to Apple's iTunes store.

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