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Hotel Baron Internet Game - Play Fun Management Games Online

For those who wish to manage a hotel, the management game Baron Hotel is pretty much ideal. You can build up your hotel empire here, without risking millions. At the beginning of the online game, you can choose whether you want to play the campaign, one of eight scenarios or the sandbox. In sandbox, you can build the hotel of your dreams, for you have unlimited resources available to you. The game itself is quite complex. First of all, you can of course customize your hotel according to your wishes in terms of its size, facilities as well as the equipment. You look at the parking lot, as your guests arrive and check in to the hotel. At that moment, you already get the first feedback from your guests regarding the quality as well as their satisfaction. If they immediately leave the hotel angry, it may be, for example, that there was no one at the desk. But you always get clues as to what could possibly go wrong. But you can also turn off these tips if you are already a top manager and are not dependent on them. In the campaign, you have to, for example, build the hotel, expand it and recruit staff one after the other. Then you can move on to setting up the hotel rooms better and buying new equipment. Your guests will love it and happily pay the small extra fee for the room. The exterior of your hotel should also not be unimportant to you. Plant some flowers, shrubs and trees - your guests will also love this. You will not be able to afford major purchases, such as swimming pools or a Jacuzzi or an elevator, until later in the game. At the end of the month, you get then always get an invoice and can see how the figures are developing. If you do everything right, more and more paying guests come to your hotel and enjoy themselves here. So you can gradually expand your hotel, for example, and add a restaurant, etc., and thereby become the brilliant hotel manager of the Hotel Baron. Have Fun!

How to play Hotel Baron game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

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