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In the online game Da Club, you are the manager of a small nightclub and responsible for ensuring that the place is finally up and running. For this, you are given various options that you have to skillfully use to bring more visitors to your club, thereby generating even more profits. With each new acquisition or improvement in your club, your reputation in the community increases. And the higher your reputation, the more people will be coming to you every night. The people in turn bring you money that you can invest. So far, so good. But the investments unfortunately are expensive. This applies to the improvements in your club, as well as to the employees. For a better sound system, you have to pay 600 dollars for example. This brings you an increase of your reputation by 3 points. You can hire a DJ for $ 100 - this increases your reputation by up to 10 points already depending on the DJ. However, better DJs will only come to you when you can offer a better sound system. The same goes for dancers. They want a better and bigger dance floor to be able to show off their dance moves better. Advertising is always a good idea as well - even a newspaper ad can increase your reputation. Further improvements in your club are a great light show, a better dance floor, better speakers or a brilliant video wall. These will stay with you at least, while DJs and dancers and even the doorman disappear after a certain time. Then you should re-hire a new DJ. You can wait with hiring a new doorman until punks resurface. You also have to renew the advertising from time to time. But do not spend all of your money, but always keep enough to be able to pay the rent the next day, otherwise Da Club is over for you. You can thus invest only moderately because it makes more sense for you to hire a DJ and a dancer. Only if you really have a lot of money left, should you invest once more to find yourself a better DJ, for example. Then even more people will come to your club. There also are negative factors for you in this fun management game. When punks are on your dance floor, little by little the normal paying visitors will start to disappear. Then it would be helpful to hire a better bouncer. If you invest and cleverly hire people, you can turn your little club into a real goldmine at Da Club. Have Fun!

How to play Da Club game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

The Biggest Night Club in the World

The biggest club in the world is the Privilege on the Balearic island of Ibiza, which had the name Ku in its early days. In the 70s and 80s, it was a meeting place for the high society and more than 10.000 visitors attended the legendary and spectacular parties even then. The Privilege has a large main room of huge dimensions. But the main focal points of the Privilege is a large swimming pool, which is surrounded by several areas and hang out spots. Another highlight of the party island of Ibiza, Amnesia, is in close proximity. It is only half as large as the Privilege, but no less attractive for popular artists as well as DJs.

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