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The game Burger Tycoon is quite true to the original of the big burger chains that it is modeled on. You are the manager of a Burger restaurant and have to try to increase sales and make a substantial profit. For this, you will have to exert your influence on the entire production chain, so as to make both your customers and investors happy. You first start by breeding cattle on your pastures and simultaneously producing food for the animals on other fields. But the fields that you set up cost a lot of money, so you cannot create just any number of fields. There is a little trick, which also has its disadvantages, however. If you are planting GM food, you harvest more, and if you are engaged in the intensive breeding of livestock, you also get more animals. However, this is at the expense of your fields and you have to buy new fields soon. If you let the dirty fields lie fallow for some time, then they can recover. Also pay the slaughterhouse a visit every once in a while. There, you have to remove diseased animals, otherwise you will get problems. Most important, of course, is the burger joint itself. There you have three frying and three retail stations that you need to occupy. Remember though that you have to pay the staff well. Another point is the motivation of the employees. So you can, for example, sometimes observe how people spit in the food. You have to give a warning to such people or even fire them! The fourth station of your empire is the headquarters. From here, you can bribe politicians or food inspectors. But you can also do some good and donate to hunger in the world. As you can see, Burger Tycoon is a very complex online game, and you have to pay attention to several things at the same time. That is your challenge. Now it is up to you to make the most of your local burger joint and have some fun with Burger Tycoon. Have Fun!

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