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Theme Hotel Game Online - Play Free Fun Hotel Building Games

Theme Hotel is not just a simple browser game. Rather, it is an extensive simulation, which is a gift to every simulation loving fan. It is amazing how much attention to detail was used for each item and in what a complex way the entire online game has been built. In addition to a simple profit and loss accounting, you can see the opinions of your guests. The building menu offers you a variety of different construction options that are unlocked gradually after every win of a new quality star. Before you can greet the first guests, a front desk must be built on the construction area that is empty up to that point. Next, you can then build the first hotel rooms, which are available immediately for guests to move in. From a 2D perspective you construct a hotel building with 49 floors as well as hundreds of rooms, many discos, cafes, bars and a variety of service areas over time, taking into account your finances, of course. The game objective is to achieve five stars. The entire building must be maintained, of course. Broken pinball machines or washing machines must be repaired by your caretakers and the hallways need to be cleaned from dirt. For this purpose, the appropriate personnel must also be hired. If this point is neglected in the course of the free game, guests will stay away from your hotel, so that the revenue slumps soon and your hotel will be about to be closed sooner than you would like. At the lower edge of the playing field, you can see all the features that are important: The building and staff menu, your current financial situation as well as various ways to accelerate the time or reduce the map and zoom. If the money or the available building sites should become rare, a financial loan can be taken out in the menu. It is easy to play Theme Hotel as it is controlled entirely with the mouse. If you would like to find out information about a particular item, for example, a simple left click is sufficient. Every major building project should be well thought out, because a minus amount can quickly be generated due too extensively planned construction. Theme Hotel offers you a free building strategy game at its finest! Have Fun!

How to play Theme Hotel game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Hotel Accommodations aren't Free

Each accommodation in a hotel costs money that has to be earned by a corresponding utilization. Within the industry, this is spoken of as a cost recovery. In the hotel industry, the term room night is used as an indicator. Each room requires a certain capacity, so that the costs of personnel, service facilities as well as other departments of a hotel business can be covered. In addition, with the room night utilization, comparisons to previous years can be drawn. Based on these experience values, hotel managers can establish business calculations for the future. For example, a hotel with 100 rooms for two nights can sell no more than 200 room nights.

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