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In Robinson Hotel, you take on the role of Miss Cathy, a successful hotel manager by trade as well as a loving granddaughter of her sick grandfather, who cares for the physical welfare of hotel visitors in an unprecedented way. As soon as the guests enter the hotel, which is managed by you, rush in its purest form is the order of the day. Cathy did indeed grow up at the Robinson Hotel, but the service is extremely demanding. The hustle and bustle in this apparently popular resort hotel is concealed only by the great comic style graphics. Robinson Hotel is an outstanding blend of visual eye candy as well as a complex hotel simulation. After you have assigned the guest to a free room with the left mouse button, you have to provide them with coffee or turn on the TV upon request. All the tasks that you have to complete in the interest of the guests in the Robinson Hotel need time. Therefore, you should quickly plan the suitable steps well. Thus, the waiting time of the guests is significantly reduced, which will have a noticeable effect on your account. In the left corner of the fun online game, a goal for the day is being displayed to you, which must be achieved by you under any and all circumstances. Only upon an achievement of this goal is the advancement to the next round secured. Otherwise, the hotel will have to be closed due to bankruptcy! At the same location, you can also see how much longer your working day is going to last and what level you are currently in. Here, you will also be able to find your way back to the main menu of the game. In this internet game, it is not an easy task that awaits Miss Cathy. Support her, as best you can! Many thanks for all your sacrifices will be assured to you. Have Fun!

How to play Robinson Hotel game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

Staying at a Hotel during the Holiday Season

Many families enjoy a comfortable level of service during the holiday season. Because of this, the travel company TUI launched a tourism company called Robinson Club GmbH in the year 1970. Under the motto "Time for feelings", Robinson Club annually submits new offers to travel loving families who want to treat themselves to a thoroughly comfortable holiday in distant countries on the continents of Europe, Africa as well as Asia. After the establishment of this new "travel concept", the total package offered was quite Spartan. Hotels as well as other vacation rental places were reluctant to share in the idea of a travel club, which changed over the years as well as with increasing success.

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