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Innkeeper Internet Flash Game - Play Fun Hotel Games Online

It is always nice to build one's own empire from the ground up and see how it takes a great shape during the game process. Innkeeper is an internet game that brings exactly this aspect to bear fully. Within a manageable "hotel", you are responsible for everything that makes for a perfect hotel operations. Whether it is the reception of the newly arrived guests, the cleaning of the corridor by the appropriate cleaning staff or the marketing campaign that is naturally set up to attract even more customers to your palace of well-being. Just because of the star screen, Innkeeper exudes a casual breeze of vacation feeling. Overall, you can store three different games under three memory slots each in the fun online game of Innkeeper. After a short tutorial, which explains the control with the mouse to you with a lot of wit and humor as well as reveals some good advice for the game plan, the first guests arrive. You can access all the important menus, such as the shop and the staff as well as the marketing menu, by clicking on the icons on the left edge of the flash game. Directly above you, the current financial status is displayed at any time. In the game itself, a change between day and night time takes place. Every night symbolizes the completion of another round. Here, you can deal with personnel issues and other important matters so that the next day will be at least as successful as its predecessor. Later in the Innkeeper game, it is worth it to equip the rooms offered with additional features. Through a built-in refrigerator or the provision of a TV, the room will be upgraded in such a way that nothing should stand in the way of a reward in the form of a quality star. The experience system allows you to use experience points, which you can also find at the top of the screen. In a charming environment, this flash game is a lot of fun for many hours and can certainly make sure that you do not get bored. Have Fun!

How to play Innkeeper game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

The Burj al Arab is an Amazing Hotel

A hotel on the beach with unparalleled sea views. The Burj al Arab is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world. 321 meters high, 60 floors, 18 elevators and a construction cost of about 1.5 billion Euros make the Burj al Arab a superlative hotel. On the roof of the building, there is a helipad, which offers direct access to the exquisite rooms. The support poles extend up to 45 meters into the seabed. The miracle of human architecture was built using about 8,000 square meters of gold leaf as well as 13,000 cubic meters of Carrara marble among other things. The owner, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, opened the hotel in December of 1999.

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