Honeymoon Hotel

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Honeymoon Hotel Game Online - Play Free Fun Management Games

Honeymoon Hotel is a free online hotel management game that lets you run a honeymoon resort. This is an exotic resort and the staff that will be serving guests will be wearing tropical outfits and the accommodation too will be of a similar theme. The first thing that you need to do is to build the resort. You start off with $500 and you need to build a cabana that will cost $400. You should then get the guests who have arrived in a helicopter from the helipad. There is a small map at the bottom of the fun game which you use to navigate across the whole compound. Simply click in the middle of the square and then drag it to the area desired area, and then you can interact with the area on the main screen; as you drag the small square, the main screen also moves. You must be careful about the services that you provide to customers especially those that need you to choose from several options; they could make you disappoint the customers. For example, when it comes to serving meals, you may disappoint the customers and get broken hearts all over the place. Once satisfied customers are gone, others will come in, and you may have to do other tasks that you were not prepared for. These include maintenance and repairs among many others. This is a free online hotel management game that will truly challenge you since the success of the whole place will depend on the decisions that you make. Always make sure that you have enough money to upgrade any facility, and also ensure that you know what each customer wants when they arrive at the helipad; whether a free facility or a paid one. The management game is quite fun one and is great for girls. Have Fun!

How to play Honeymoon Hotel game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

The Wonderful Honeymoon Period

The honeymoon period is just as crucial as the wedding. A great wedding and a bad honeymoon will dampen the whole event. It is therefore important that a couple weigh their honeymoon options very carefully. You need to go to a place that will make you feel great and encourage you to express your love to each other. All the places that evoke a romantic response from the couple will be great. Honeymoon venues depend on the couple that is visiting. For example, there are couples who would rather go to a mountain ski resort and spend all their time on the slopes, while there are others who would like to go to those Mediterranean holiday islands for exotic food and culture. The venue should appeal to both partners; this should not be hard given that most couples discuss their dream holidays long before they even get married. When you play Honeymoon Hotel, you get to define your holiday destination and what you would expect to find there. This makes you get into a hotel that you would love to be in even if this was in the real world. Play this wonderful free online hotel management game, and see how well you can run one and impress the couples who come there.

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