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Hamster Hotel Internet Game - Play Fun Hotel Games Online

Hamster Hotel is a free online hotel management game in which you get to cater for the needs of hamster. This is a fantasy hotel, but it is also just a great fun to play, as any other. You start off by inputting your name before you move to the next scene. The Hotel belongs to Max, the hamster, and you have to help him in serving his friends from the first day. When they come in, they will first be registered and then taken to their rooms. So you have to give them a key and then click on the required room so that they can go to the room. When they get to the room, you should click on their luggage so the bellboy can come and collect it and take it to their room. They will then enter the room and rest for a little while. They will then exit the room, and they will sit in the dining area. Click on the plates of food so Max can pick it up. Click on the customers so Max can serve them. Once the customers are well fed, they will retire to their room once more so they can rest again. Note that hamster customers come in families and not single individuals making it more demanding to serve them. Once you are familiar with the controls of the game, you can pay the rest of the levels without having any hints. This is a challenging game and you have to ensure that the happiness meters do not get finished otherwise they will leave the hotel without paying and the game will come to an end since you will only be making losses. Whatever the customer will not need, you have to throw in the trash can at the bottom of the game, and then place the can on the conveyer when it is filled. Have Fun!

How to play Hamster Hotel game online

Use your mouse to play this free online management game.

A hotel for Hamsters is an Amazing Idea

Imagine that you could host a hotel for hamsters; hamsters are very intelligent animals, and many people keep them in cages that have several challenging puzzles for them to deal with. Some have place tubes through which the hamsters run along, while others have placed rings in which the hamster can run for exercise. These intelligent creatures could indeed love to spend time in a hotel. However, this is make believe, but also very exciting to play. You get to deal with hamsters in their own world. You get the hamsters to enter rooms, and enjoy gourmet services. They get services such as bellhops and maids. They get to ride on elevators to rooms and amenities on other floors of the hotel. Hamster Hotel is a funny free online hotel management game which allows you to see how it would be if you were a hamster, and an entrepreneur at the same time. It is a game that makes you believe in a world that can only exist in the imagination. It is an ideal hotel management game for those who are still young at heart and do not mind entering into such a world every once in a while. The game has several levels giving you a lot of fun filled moments.

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Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play fun online hotel management games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would enjoy to play the free Hamster Hotel game online right now.

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