Beauty Resort

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Beauty Resort Internet Game - Play Free Fun Spa Games Online

For those who would like to have a spa, Beauty Resort is the perfect game for you to test if you can actually handle the duties that are expected of you. This fun online game allows you to pick up customers and take them to the station that they desire. At first you will have only one but after you make a little money, you ca upgrade and buy others. You click on the customer and then drag her to the station before letting her go by releasing the mouse button. You are supposed to make sure that the customer's happiness meter does not get finished or else she will leave without having to pay. This means that you have to be fast and diligent. When the customer is at the station, she will indicate what it is that you want, and you will have to give it to her. At the bottom of the game, you will see dispensers where you get the items to serve the customer. You will also see some bins where you will drop all the used or waste items. The spa has a number of features and you have to be clear about where a customer wants to go. If you take a customer to the wrong place, he or she will not be happy and the happiness meter will go down fast. When you give the customer the right item, you will get a lot of adoration. The free game has a number of locations and you will move to each as you progress in the business. The spa starts off small, with a Mediterranean theme, but as time goes on you will move to other locations all over the map. Play it and see how good you can be at owning or managing a spa of this nature. Have Fun!

How to play Beauty Resort management game online

Use your mouse to play the free Beauty Resort game online. Click on clients and hold to pick them up. Then drop them at the desired station. Don't let their stress meters get to high or they'll leave the salon. Sometimes stations get dirty or need to be resuplied.

The Profitability of the Beauty Spa Resort Business

The spa business is very profitable and many companies have come up with their own spas, with each having its own unique treatment regime. Each will extol the virtues of their treatment and it is up to the clients to know which one is best for them. Should you get the opportunity to own one, you would truly be honored because the experience is unique; plus you get to enjoy the facilities when you are on your days off. When you run a spa you have to be intimate with the kind of treatment regime that they have. You also have to know what the customers want. There are those who only want to have a massage, and there are those who want to take a swim in the salted waters that you have. There are many routines that you have to master in order to serve your clients well. This free online hotel management game will give you the experience of running such a spa. Get to see how happy your customers would be if you were actually running one in the real world. Have a great time running the resort to the delight of your clientele and also the profitability of the establishment.

Play Beauty Resort game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play free online spa resort games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would enjoy to play the free Beauty Resort game online right now.

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