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While carrying on with her espionage mission, The Huntsgirl has noticed that the Huntsclan started to set traps all over the Central Park with the scope of capturing all magical creatures! It is your duty, as an American Dragon, to take an attitude and mess up their plans! You can achieve this by luring the Huntsclan members into those traps and have them all captured while playing The Huntsclan Traps game. However, this is not such an easy task at all. First, you will need some practice so you can understand how each trap mechanism works. There are three different traps you can use: the first one is a net, and in order to activate it you need to breathe fire onto it. Of course, you would want to do this only when a Huntsclan member is right near it so you can trap him. The second one is a cage, which works pretty much the same as the net. The last one is a hole in the ground and, to activate it, you need to breathe fire on the trees nearby so it would be covered with leaves. When an enemy approaches, you need to position the dragon on the opposite side of the hole and lure him into the trap. Have Fun!

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How to play Huntsclan Traps game online

Use your mouse to play this free Internet game. Move Jake around the screen with your mouse. As the Huntsclan follow, get them to walk into various traps. To activate a trap, breathe fire onto it by clicking the left mouse button. Each trap is activated differently, so be sure to review the Training Exercise before playing. 88 and 89 will try to unlock the traps and free the Huntsclan, so try to chase them away! Press the spacebar for Huntsgirl to use her whistle and temporarily distract the Huntsclan from pursuing you. Press the H key to remove the Heads Up Display at the top of your screen. Advance to the next level by capturing all of the Huntsclan members. Warning! The Huntsman himself appears in the final levels of play, and is very strong. You will need to capture him several times before fully depleting his energy.

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