Haku Spirit Storm Game

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Haku Spirit Storm follows the story of a young dragon named Haku. He is on a quest to find his true spirit, but must do all he can to avoid the evil soul eaters. Haku starts his journey and encounters the good and the evil spirits. Eat the white souls and avoid the black ones. When you eat the white souls, Haku starts to turn white and eventually finds his lost soul. If Haku eats too many black spirits, he will die and you will loose the level. You have four lives to clear all levels. Make your way through the tight paths between the evil souls and find the good ones. Haku's sprite is depleting and you are the only one to help him find his true soul. Have Fun!

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How to play Haku Spirit Storm game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free Internet game. Use Arrow left and right to fly left and right. Use Arrow up to accelerate and Arrow down to slow down. The P key is used to pause the game. Collect the white spirits and avoid the black soul eaters.

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