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You are Cyber Ortek, whose duty and sole purpose is to wreck havoc to all the planets of your choice. Destroy the last boss on each level and obtain a new weapon or you can buy a new one. You can also collect power-ups. Have fun wrecking havoc!

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How to play Cyber Ortek game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free Internet game. Use the A key for your primary weapon, and S key for your secondary weapon.

Cyber Ortek - The Story

Millions of light years away, in some other galaxy somewhere, there is a star system full of life. It's called the Draco System, and though it's full of life, Life is wont to bring death, and war and destruction are constant in this system. Much of the destruction comes from a single world in the Draco System, inhabited by a single race of bionic dragonoids called the cyber orteks. These viciously strong and viciously cunning creatures wreak havoc on their neighboring worlds and their sentient inhabitants for very little reason, other than to satiate their dark lust for violence and superiority. Cyber ortek drones are sent off to the other worlds in the draco system one by one, alone, with nothing but their cybernetic bodies full of weapons. And these single ortek drones often annihilate entire armadas of the other sentient's finest ships... You'll be one of these drones. You're to travel to the other worlds in the Draco System. And you're to destroy things. That is your mission. That is your purpose.

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